Gradall Introduces XL 5330V TrackStar Model, with Greater Lift and Reach Capability

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Gradall Industries, Inc., has introduced the XL 5330 V model to its TrackStar collection of versatile railway maintenance machines, meeting the need for greater boom reach and lift capabilities.

Designed for railroads, municipal railways, city transit systems and others involved in rail construction, repair and right-of-way work, the XL 5330 V is the largest model in the Gradall TrackStar collection.

“The new XL 5330 V can reach out 34.5 feet to either side of the track center
line,” said Mike Popovich, Gradall vice president for excavator products. “That extra reach makes it ideal for mowing, trimming vegetation, cleaning up landslides, spreading ballast or gathering logs and debris with a grapple.

“In addition, the XL 5330 V has 2,074 more pounds of lift capability, when
compared with the XL 4330 V at 25’,” added Popovich. “We added this lift
capability for rail contractors who want to use heavy attachments like an
undercutter, or to handle big tie bundles or install heavy components such as
pre-made switches.”

Gradall boom advantages
TrackStar models are distinguished by their low-profile telescoping, tilting
Gradall boom design. With a 220-degree full boom tilt capability, without any
loss of boom-end power, Gradall TrackStar machines can efficiently position
attachments to productively build and repair rail crossings, grade and excavate
slopes and ditches and cut back overhanging trees.

For even more attachment positioning versatility, Gradall offers an optional
hydraulic coupler on TrackStar models with 360-degree continuous attachment
rotation and an extra 110 degrees of tilt motion. The coupler also accommodates
a wide range of attachments designed for railway maintenance efficiency, which
can be changed hydraulically from the operator cab.

Among the available TrackStar attachments are excavating, ditching, dredging and
pavement removal buckets as well as a tree limb shear, single-tooth ripper,
fixed thumb grapple, sleeper changer, sleeper layer, flail mower, a Kinshofer
NOX rotator and a ballast tamper, bucket, broom and blade.

Exceptional mobility, a Gradall tradition
The Gradall rough terrain wheeled undercarriage can efficiently travel over
pavement and rails at speeds up to 20 mph, enabling them to get on and off track
faster and move quickly over rails to work sides. XL 5330 V models have the
extra security of automatic digging brakes as well as excellent stability to
work at both sides of the track without the need for outriggers.

Gradall also offers TrackStar models with automatic transmissions and highway
speed travel capability. Operators can drive these models at speeds up to 60
mph, quickly accessing crossings and returning to the safety of the equipment
yard without the need for a lowboy trailer.

A host of standard operator cab features include air conditioning, removable
front window, an adjustable seating module with built-in joystick controls and a
switch to select Gradall, SAE or Deere joystick patterns.

TrackStar machines use a single Volvo Penta Tier 4f engine with easy-to-access
routine service locations. A network of authorized regional distributors
supports all Gradall excavators, supplying service advice and authorized Gradall

Gradall Industries, Inc., the only manufacturer of excavators exclusively in the U.S., may be contacted toll-free at 800-445-4752, or by mail to 406 Mill Ave. SW, New Philadelphia, OH 44663.

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