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New Gradall Model XL 4100-II Excavator Has Greater Power and Highway Mobility But Only One Engine

NEW PHILADELPHIA, OH – Gradall introduces the new Model XL 4100-II excavator, successor to the successful Model XL 4100, capable of traveling to jobsites at highway speeds and delivering more power and productivity than its predecessor in the 46,000-pound class. However, the new model utilizes just one engine to operate both the carrier and the productive upperstructure.

The new model, with greater lift capacity and breakout forces, is designed to perform the jobs of many different machines, making it ideal for highway demolition, construction and roadside maintenance – a one-machine, multi-job solution for both contractors and governments.

The physical appearance of the Model XL 4100-II has undergone a dramatic change, including a new color scheme similar to the new Gradall XL 3000 Series models – a two-tone gray with red trim. The Model XL 4100-II also has roomy new carrier and upperstructure cabs and an aerodynamic profile that enhances operator visibility.

The new Model XL 4100-II has a narrow undercarriage which no longer requires over-the-road permits. With with a 6 x 4 undercarriage, the excavator weighs 46,600 pounds (21,137 kg), while the 6 x 6 model weighs 48,350 pounds (21,931 kg). Maximum boom reach at ground line is 30 feet, 1 inch (9.2 m) for the 6 x 4 model or 29 feet, 11 inches (9.1 m) for the 6 x 6. Maximum digging depth is 20 feet, 10 inches (6.3 m) for the 6 x 4 undercarriage, or 20 feet, 6 inches (6.2 m) for the 6 x 6 model.

Gradall's proven single-engine concept designed into the new Model XL 4100-II has been popularized by the Model XL 3100, another highway speed excavator previously introduced. The single engine increases performance while helping to control spiraling equipment costs and saving money on fuel, filters and downtime associated with routine maintenance.

The Model XL 4100-II is equipped with a Detroit 900 Series engine which develops 250 horsepower and meets EPA standards for all 50 states. That's an increase in power over the older model's standard 200-horsepower engine, and the optional 245-horsepower engine. The previous model also had a separate148-horsepower engine to operate the upperstructure.

Because the new Model XL 4100 can be driven to jobsites, without the need for a costly lowboy trailer, the excavator is capable of completing different jobs at more locations in a single day. At the end of the workday, the excavator also can be easily driven back to the safety of the equipment yard.

Mobility on the jobsite is dramatically increased. After selecting either the low or high remote gear, the operator in the upper cab can re-position the machine without moving to the carrier cab and back.

Equipped with high-pressure hydraulics and Gradall's legendary telescoping, tilting boom, the Model XL 4100-II is engineered for high productivity pavement removal, excavating, ditching and demolition. In addition, the machine also is ideal for sloping, finishing, grading and other detail work.. A 220-degree boom tilt and165 degree attachment adaptor combine to rotate attachments exactly where they're needed, even enabling fast and efficient cleanup functions with a reverse bucket position.

Load-sensing hydraulics automatically adjust for the job at hand, without the need for "mode" guesswork. The efficient piston hydraulics, now with greater implement circuit pressures, have just one pump and a mono block valve.

Compared with the old Model XL 4100, the new excavator can complete bigger jobs faster with 28 percent more bucket breakout force and 15 percent more swing torque. A 4 percent increase in lift capacity also enables the Model XL 4100-II to increase its speed and productivity when loading trucks with dirt, rock, rip-rap and other material.

To achieve full versatility, a single operator can quickly change between an array of attachments including excavating, trenching, ditching and dredging buckets, with capacities from one-half yard to one and one-eighth yard. Also available are a pavement removal bucket, single-tooth ripper, grading blade, tree limb shear and boom extensions including the Telestick.

The spacious new upperstructure operator cab is designed for comfort, extra visibility and ease of operation. Designed with 15 percent more space, the cab has an angled front profile for better view of the terrain close to the chassis, and a lower rear profile to improve the line of vision to the rear.

Joysticks, built into the armrests of the adjustable suspension seat module, control the swing, boom and attachment movements including telescoping action. To accommodate various operators' preferences, joysticks can be quickly switched between Gradall, Deere or SAE patterns. Machine repositioning and braking from the upper cab is accomplished with foot pedals. Displays are located for efficient monitoring.

The carrier cab also is larger, designed for comfort and efficiency in over-the-road travel. Extra sound-deadening material has been added, and a tilt steering wheel is a new option. An efficient Eaton 9-speed transmission and clutch with hydraulic actuation and double plate are standard. The fuel tank has a 70-gallon capacity, up from 50 gallons in the previous model.

The chassis has been re-designed for increased strength-to-weight ratio while extending the machine's width to 102 inches for improved stability. A host of new standard features include hub piloted disc wheels, upper cab wiper and washer, rear tow hooks and air ride seat in the carrier.

The Model XL 4100-II requires less maintenance with advantages like an internal swing gear, planetary tilt transmission that's "lubed for life" and the elimination of boom tilt rollers, which also required lubrication and adjustment. Routine service also is reduced because the new diesel engine allows for longer periods between oil and filter changes, fuel filter and coolant replacement and valve adjustments. Most service points can be reached at ground level to help assure maximum life and productivity. A network of authorized distributors supports all Gradall excavators, supplying service advice and parts which meet Gradall engineering specifications.

For information and the name of your nearby distributor who can provide an on-site demonstration of the XL 4100-II, contact call Gradall at (800) 445-4752. Fax 330-339-8468. Or write to Gradall at 406 Mill Ave. SW, New Philadelphia, OH 44663.

Horsepower 250 @ 2200 rpm
Detroit 900 Series
Weight (6 x 4)
46,600 lbs ( 21,137 kg)
Maximum Reach at Ground Level*
30 ft., 1 in. (9.2 m)
Maximum Digging Depth*
20 ft., 10 in. (6.3 m)
Boom Tilt 220°