Mine Scaling

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XL 7320 II [specs]

Boom movement and reach make the difference in mine scaling

Gradall mine scalers are engineered to provide the extra reach, extra boom movement and the extra prying power to make a difference.

Two section telescoping boom is armed with high-pressure, load-sensing hydraulics, delivering the appropriate scaling power without wasting fuel.
Boom movements can be carefully controlled using joystick controls built into the seating module.
To handle the rigors of mine scaling, the rugged triangular boom design includes double rollers and a tilt mechanism located at the rear of the boom structure.
The 4 x 2 wheeled carrier can be maneuvered and positioned using two pedals and a tilt steering column.
The Gradall operator cab is designed for comfort and safety with tinted safety-glass windows, heavy-duty windshield guard, skylight, acoustical lining, fresh-air heater and defroster with filter and other standard advantages.
Carrier axles are equipped with spring-set air release type service and parking brakes.
Steering and drive axles are fitted with axle oscillation assemblies. With this stable working platform, Gradall mine scalers can perform work in any direction without the need for stabilizers.
The Gradall full-tilting, telescoping boom permits the operator to address hard-to-reach locations without concern for overhead obstructions. During the entire cycle, operators can monitor the entire length of the boom and scaling attachment.
Operator training efficiency is enhanced on Series III models by an adjustable joystick pattern system. Operators can choose Gradall, Deere or SAE systems using an in-cab switch.
Most routine service points – oil, filters, hydraulic fluids, fueling – are accessible at ground level.
Fleet management is more efficient because all mining models share over 90% of replacement parts and attachments.
All hydraulic hoses are located safely inside the boom.
Quick coupler at the boom end lets a single operator change attachments in just minutes.
All Gradall excavator manufacturing locations are inside the USA. But sales and service locations are maintained on six continents.

Gradall 5110 Mine Scaler