Chicago, Illinois



Short tail swing and boom versatility pay off using Gradall XL 4100 IV for highway repair

R. W. Dunteman Co. is a third-generation general contractor, handling highway maintenance as well as airport runway repairs and general excavation around Chicago going back to 1927. Performing today's highway work efficiently, with only minimal traffic flow interruption, is critical on many jobs including an eight-mile section of I-294 west of Chicago.


On the I-294 project, I am able to repair 40 to 60 patches a night with an XL 4100 IV model, said Rick Turner, who has operated Gradall excavators on Dunteman jobs for 18 years. "This machine is much more productive. I used to repair 30 to 40 patches a night with an XL 4100 II model."

Using a pavement removal bucket and the power of the full-tilting boom, Turner expects that on the I-294 project, he will pull a total of 1,200 patches, mostly 12-inch thick concrete but also some asphalt. Full-tilting boom power helps him remove pieces of concrete more efficiently, working from many angles, without giving up power like he would if he was using a conventional boom-end tilting attachment.

But this machine can handle more, he said. "A couple weeks ago, we pulled patch with 14-inch concrete. At another site, in six hours, we placed 3,000 feet of barriers, each weighing about 6,000 pounds."

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