Fort Dodge, Iowa



Gradall excavator boom movements replace manual labor in gypsum cleaning process

The addition of three Model XL 5200 Gradall® excavators has created a unique and more productive way for the United States Gypsum Co. to streamline its process of cleaning gypsum used to make sheet rock. United States Gypsum's high quality sheet rock requires the cleanest possible raw material of gypsum rock. In the past, cleaning was done manually with shovels, first to remove an overburden of rocks and dirt and then to clean the various veins of gypsum from various angles. Gradall excavators now provide a faster, more productive way to complete the important cleaning process.


Three Model XL 5200s use their trademark boom movements to clear away overburden and then carefully clean the remaining dirt away from the gypsum rock. The powerful boom's telescoping action and 220° boom tilt allow operators to use a bucket to take away overburden. Then, operators switch to a trapezoid bucket with a width that graduates from 3 inches to 36 inches. The boom tilt positions the attachment to carefully complete the cleaning process, working from various angles to clean away remaining dirt from the troughs of gypsum. Because the process requires frequent attachment changes, Gradall created a special quick-attach system. Using an attach/release button located in the operator cab of the Model XL 5200 excavators, operators can switch from grading or excavating buckets to the trapezoid bucket. This attachment change process can be completed in about a minute without the operator leaving the cab.

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