Chicago, Illinois



XL 4100 IV mobility in soft sand improves productivity, setting catch basins in Chicago.

For Acura, Inc., the ability to quickly move equipment out to job sites and back, and maneuver them on all kinds of material, is an important factor. A lot of the company's work involves replacing catch basins around Chicago, as well as handling road repair and concrete jobs, which provides its operators with plenty of experience using many different machines.


On one job in the vicinity of East 64th St. in downtown Chicago, Sam Mele was using an XL 4100 IV model to remove concrete from under a bridge and then install a new catch basin.

The mobility of this machine in soft sand is very impressive . . . something I couldn't have done at all with Series II or Series III machines, said Mele, who is a foreman, superintendent and equipment operator for Acura. The Series IV Gradall design uses a variable displacement piston drive motor to reposition the machine from the upperstructure cab. This offers low-end torque and high-speed travel, both with no stopping to shift ranges. Mobility also is improved with the use of radial tires.

The sand was a foot deep around the tires - a situation where I used to use the boom and bucket to pull the machine out of the sand, if I could do it at all, Mele continued. "The Series IV moved around very easily and very smoothly."

The automatic transmission in the Series IV highway speed carrier also makes it easier to drive the excavator from the equipment yard out to jobsites and back at up to 60 mph - one reason why XL 4100 models have always been popular with Chicago governments and contractors. "Between the automatic transmission and the radial tires, that's an incredible improvement," said Mele.

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