Watertown, Massachusetts



XL 5300 III boom tilt with full power pays off in sidewalk replacement

Cicconi & Sons Construction Co., Inc., requires equipment that is reliable, versatile and productive to accomplish a wide range of sidewalk and street projects it gets every year in the Boston area. A large sidewalk reconstruction project that spanned several months in Watertown, Mass., involved extensive sidewalk and curb demolition and reconstruction - in all, about 9,000 square yards of sidewalk and curb, 700 square yards of driveways and 300 square yards of wheelchair ramps. "We require a lot from our equipment and we take good care of it because we need it to work for us every day," said Joe Cicconi Jr., one of the owners of Cicconi & Sons.


The XL 5300 III model Gradall excavator was used in every phase of the Watertown sidewalk replacement project. Using a pavement removal bucket, operator Fred Cerulli pulled up old sections of concrete and then created the correct grades to pour new sidewalks, curbs and wheelechair ramps.

This model has a lot more power and boom forces than the previous Gradalls I've worked with, said Cerulli, who has operated Gradall excavators for about 16 years. Fred's father also operated Gradalls, providing him with his first opportunity with Gradall joysticks at the age of nine.

We used to use an XL 5100 model for this sidewalk work, but the speed and power of the new model is much better, said Cerulli. "This model is the right size to drive on narrow streets in residential neighborhoods, so I can get around pretty quickly." "I can use the telescoping boom movements to get under signs and reach around trees to pull up concrete - something I couldn't do with any other kind of excavator," Cerulli continued. "And when I'm doing demolition work, I really appreciate the solid wheelbase and the smooth swing control to remove pieces of pavement. The boom makes it possible to get underneath trees and other overhead obstacles to work. The Gradall lets me do things I couldn't do with any other kind of machine."

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