North Haven, Connecticut



XL 3100 IV is contractor's primary machine for sidewalk and street work

Based on several decades of experience, William M. Laydon Construction of North Haven, Connecticut, is sold on the versatility of Gradall excavators for its sidewalk and street paving business. "The first Gradall I operated was an M 2460," said William Laydon Sr. "I haven't operated our new XL 3100 IV Gradall yet, but I have seen it work. Gradalls continue to be perfect for our kind of work."


Not long after it was delivered, William M. Laydon Construction put its new Gradall XL 3100 IV on a paving job in North Haven. Southern Connecticut Gas Co. had installed a new gas line, excavating a section of street about 300 feet long and 4 feet wide. After the line installation, filling and compaction, the company had applied a temporary surface of bituminous concrete. Laydon was contracted to remove the thin surface, plus an undisturbed area about 4 inches wide on each side, and then re-grade and pave the entire section with about 8 inches of asphalt.

The XL 3100 IV is the backbone of our company, said William Laydon Jr., president and also an operator. "We do a lot of utility work with water and gas lines and a lot of sidewalk and curbing, and for our applications, it's our number one machine."

To pull the patch, Laydon uses a uniquely designed pavement removal bucket that's also used for ditching. "We've noticed a good increase in breakout force and boom speed," said William Jr., comparing it with earlier models. "I like its low working profile, too. We can move it from the street, over the curb, onto the sidewalk and back - working the whole time underneath trees and other objects. We couldn't begin to do that with a knuckle boom."

The new AutoDrive™ mobility package - a six-speed Allison automatic transmission with touch pad controls in the carrier cab and a new transfer case for remote control repositioning - brought positive improvements, according to William Jr. "This one goes 60 mph, which is faster, and moving it around on the job is also a lot smoother," he said. "We do a lot of city work, so the shorter counterweight helps in tight spots," he added, noting the 6-inch rear swing reduction achieved between Series II and Series III models.

On a personal note, he said he also appreciated the Gradall telescoping tilting boom movements on a recent job at his home. "I'm building a rock garden, and the boom movements are great for moving boulders and creating slopes and shapes," he said. "I really do love The way this machine works."

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