Robstown, Texas



XL 5100 IV with boom extension clears debris where other machines cannot

The Nueces County Drainage District No. 2 faces the intimidating assignment of keeping about 300 miles of drainage ditches clear in south Texas. When the district is not reacting to storms and flooding, handling the emergency removal of debris and vegetation, workers stay busy clearing away materials and cleaning ditches before the next storm arrives.


The versatility of Gradall excavators is very important to us, said Ramiro Carrion, superintendent of the district. "If we can get machines that can effectively clean ditches, we don't have to put personnel in there to do the work."

One example of the work was in Robstown, Texas, where the district was using an XL 5100 IV excavator equipped with a 12-foot boom extension and a grading bucket. The excavator was able to clear material and vegetation from a drainage ditch that was 40 feet wide. In addition, the extra reach and low working profile allowed the XL 5100 IV to reach under a bridge and clear collections of debris that had been caught on bridge abutments.

This machine does a good job helping us to remove material as well as work around pipeline and other infrastructure, said Carrion. "It has good power and good speed." Virtually every day, crews drive the XL 5100 IV to different sites and then back to the security of the equipment yard at night. "The new automatic transmission simplifies the driving," said Carrion.

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