Victoria, Texas



XL 4100 IV re-creates drainage ditches to prevent future flooding

Managing the runoff of storm water is a huge job for the Public Works Department in Victoria, Texas. At one time, an entire section of the city was flooded by rainwater headed for the Guadalupe River - a waterway where people typically enjoy tubing, kayaking, canoeing and fishing. An ongoing effort by the Victoria Public Works Department is designed to preserve the waterway and its surrounding areas as a city asset.


A new XL 4100 IV Gradall excavator, equipped with a 66-inch ditching bucket as well as a grapple, is a critical tool in Victoria's flood control efforts. "It's the bread-and-butter machine in our department," said Leslie Littles, street superintendent. "We use it every day." Working in one area prone to flooding from storm water en route to the Guadalupe River, crews used XL 4100 IV with the bucket to restore grades and open ditches surrounding every block in the neighborhood. By telescoping and tilting the boom, they were typically removing soil and vegetation when reaching under overhanging trees where a backhoe couldn't possibly operate.

Expressing their approval of the power and smooth operation of the new model, operators also said they can improve their efficiency when they reposition the excavator along the length of ditches and even around corners - all from the upper operator cab. "It's a heck of a machine," said Littles, whose department also has owned other Gradall models used for various jobs in this city of 60,000 people with about 1,500 lane miles of pavement. "We use it for street repair, debris removal, storm cleanup . . . about everything," he added. "The guys are well pleased with the new automatic transmission, which makes it easier for them to drive the excavator out to jobs and back."

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