San Angelo, Texas



Sloping and rip-rap stabilization project

The city of San Angelo, Texas, embarked on a two-year, $13.5-million project to dramatically improve the public area around the Concho River. The project includes stabilization of several thousand feet of river bank as well as creating and improving trails and adding lighting, public art, new irrigation systems, shaded sitting areas, water features and other special elements. During the project, the river's water level was lowered so that the banks could be graded and secured with rip-rap to prevent erosion while stabilizing walkways and vegetation.


Reece Albert, Inc., a family owned heavy construction and paving firm, was selected to handle the delicate sloping and rip-rap project with specific instructions not to disturb much of the existing river bank vegetation and terrain. "The Gradall boom was especially helpful on this extremely difficult job, working around natural plantings and retaining the natural feel," said Chris Cornell, business development manager for Reece Albert. The XL 4200 III with a crawler undercarriage was able to maintain secure footing while using a 60-inch ditch cleaning bucket for delicate grading and Gradall's new fixed thumb grapple for rip-rap placement. "The Gradall boom was particularly useful for the stone work," said Cornell. "The operator put the stones exactly where they were needed. That's a task that usually required a lot of hand work."

Using a single machine for grading and rip-rap placement required a lot of attachment changes, which was made efficient by the design of the new grapple. Usually, an operator can change from one attachment to the other in five to seven minutes. In addition, the new grapple is designed to be used on all Series III and Series IV Gradall models. "We're very familiar with Gradall capabilities," said Cornell, adding that the company makes good use of other Gradall excavators in its fleet. "Their versatility serves our company very well."

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