McKinney, Texas



XL 3300 completes water line replacement work faster, more efficiently

When the city of McKinney, Texas, faces water line replacements, the work must be finished as quickly as possible to minimize any interruption of traffic flow. A Gradall® Model XL 3300, rented from Continental Equipment, accomplishes that goal. The work begins with a saw, typically cutting a section of asphalt 8 feet wide and 1,100 feet long. The XL 3300, equipped with a 60-inch ditching bucket, efficiently removes the asphalt and the old water lines before lowering sections of new 8-inch water line into place. The final task for the XL 3300, before the new pavement is laid, is to backfill, grade and smooth the area.


Equipped with a blade and two outriggers, the XL 3300 model used by the city of McKinney remains stable on uneven terrain, and allows the boom to work to the front, rear or either side. The telescoping boom maintains a low profile, allowing the machine to work under tree limbs or other low-overhead obstructions. Full-tilting boom movements enable the operator to complete delicate pavement removal functions around curved curbs and manhole covers without disturbing adjoining pavement outside the work area. Working speed - thanks to high pressure, load-sensing hydraulics - is another plus for the city. Supervisors say the XL 3300 gets the work done faster than a conventional excavator or a loader/backhoe. The compact size of the carrier lets it work in congested areas, maneuvering easily thanks to its 21-foot turn radius.

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