Grapevine, Texas



Grapevine uses XL 3100 IV for demolition and more

In order to make space for a much needed city parking lot, the Grapevine, Texas, street department needed to demolish a medical office building in the downtown area. Demolition is just one job addressed by Grapevine, which also pledges every year to clean and excavate 11,500 feet of road ditches, repair 800 feet of curb and gutter and clean 575 storm sewer inlets in this city of 42,000 people. In addition, the department addresses hazardous roadway conditions, performs routine drainage work and responds to emergencies. To do all this on a budget, the city needs equipment that can perform many different jobs and move from one location to another quickly.


We're very impressed with our new XL 3100 IV, said Danny Porter, assistant director of public works for the city, located not far from the Dallas-Fort Worth area. For the demolition job, the crew used a new Gradall grapple attachment, which is far more robust than earlier models. The entire telescoping boom tilts the grapple into position to demolish the wood frame and brick veneer building and then remove material with greater power and efficiency than would have been possible with another piece of equipment using a boom-end rotation attachment.

We also have a 60-inch ditching bucket, and with the new grapple design, we can change from one attachment to the other in about seven minutes, said Porter. That helps because the city uses the XL 3100 IV and two other Gradall models it owns - an XL 4100 II and a G3WD - for multiple jobs.

We really like the automatic transmission in the new Series IV machine, said Porter. "A lot of operators are not truck drivers, so it wasn't so efficient for them to drive the older Gradalls. The new Gradall with the automatic transmission is a lot easier for them to drive."

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