McAlester, Oklahoma



City's need to handle multiple jobs is perfect fit for XL 3100 IV

Like many municipalities in America, lack of modern equipment had put the city of McAlester, Oklahoma, way behind schedule on its ditch and canal maintenance work. In fact, Assistant Public Works Superintendent Timmy Don Adams said that the lack of the right equipment was the reason why the city hadn't been able to do much work in those areas for two years. With a population of 130,000, some 150 miles of streets and 13 parks covering over 100 acres, there was plenty of work to do when the city took delivery of an XL 3100 IV excavator from Kirby-Smith Machinery, Inc., the nearby Gradall distributor.


The XL 3100 IV has been very busy since we got it two months ago, said Tim Adams, the city street superintendent. "We use it to repair streets, clean out ditches and canals, repair storm drains, cut grade for sidewalks and streets . . . you name it. One day, we used it like a crane to lift up a pump at the sewer plant."

Earlier, the city had owned other Gradall excavators, including a G3WD model that finally wore out. In fact, city officials were still used to the yellow paint scheme on the G3WD and never took notice of the change back to high-visibility yellow on the XL 3100 IV, which the city equipped with ditching and pavement removal buckets.

The XL 3100 IV is a little bigger and has a lot more power than the old one, said Adams. Operator James Roberts agreed. "I think the digging power is awesome." Roberts added that the automatic transmission in the undercarriage was a welcomed new feature when driving the excavator from one job to another and back to the city garage.

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