Cochran, Alberta, Canada



Canadian weather creates plenty of concrete work for versatile XL 3100 IV excavator

Extreme temperature conditions can create constant infrastructure repair needs in the area around Calgary, Alberta, Canada. An average winter sees several days with temperatures dipping to minus 22° F, and even as low as a bone-chilling minus 49° F. Summer temperatures frequently reach about 84° a swing that creates constant repair work for companies like Maf-Worx Concrete Services Ltd.


Maf-Worx put Series IV Gradall versatility to work very quickly at a housing development in Cochran, not far from Calgary. "The XL 3100 IV is exactly suited for residential development work," said Frank Mafrica, owner of Maf-Worx. "It's got an excellent turning radius for residential street maneuverability, so it can move around quickly to work in lots of different locations."

In a typical development, utilities and sewer and water lines are buried deep under ground, covered by backfill and grading. Next come the curbs and sidewalks and an inch and a half of asphalt topping on the street. Maf-Worx was hired to remove sections of sidewalks, curbs and roads that had become damaged during the development work, largely as a result of the dramatic weather variations, in preparation for the town's final acceptance certificate.

The XL 3100 IV, acquired through Cubex, Ltd., the regional distributor, was equipped with a pavement removal bucket and a ditching bucket, enabling it to handle the work of many different machines with its versatile telescoping, tilting boom. "But the thing that really impressed our two operators," said Mafrica, "was the six-speed automatic transmission in the new Series IV models. It's smoother and quieter, and the machine doesn't vibrate. It's a lot easier on operators."

Mafrica has plenty of experience with Gradall machines, dating back to G440, G660, G3WD and earlier XL Series models during his 34 years in the construction business. "But this new Series IV model is the best of all," he said. "Our operators love it."

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