Milwaukee, Wisconsin



Wisconsin highway contractor benefits from XL 4100 III versatility and mobility

The combined advantages of versatility and mobility in its equipment fleet help Zignego Co., Inc., reach a profitable level of productivity on its numerous urban, highway and interstate construction jobs. That included a major four-lane highway repair project on Highway 36 (Loomis Rd.) outside Milwaukee, Wisconsin. "The work was in an urban location with a lot of intersections and stop lights," said Terry Zignego, the company's equipment supervisor. "We did a lot of different kinds of work, so it was to our advantage to work quickly and efficiently - to do as much as we could with a few very versatile machines."


Zignego used a Gradall® XL 4100 III to remove large sections of concrete after they had been saw-cut. High-pressure, load-sensing hydraulics provide excellent boom power for the Series III model, allowing it to easily lift large sections weighing up to 10,000 pounds. The full-tilting Gradall boom design also allowed the operator to properly position a pavement removal bucket to break up oversized concrete slabs with excellent precision, and then pick up the sections from various angles to load them into a truck. Once the old pavement sections were removed and the base areas were properly graded, the crew drilled into remaining concrete sections and installed rebar to make sure the newly poured asphalt section would remain as stable as possible.

As part of the overall highway upgrading effort, the Zignego crew also created several new turn lanes on the same section of highway, in addition to removing and replacing old curbs and gutters. Workers used the Gradall XL 4100 III to excavate and remove the old curbs and various other sections of concrete, and then regrade those areas, including spreading dirt and finishing the surface before the new asphalt was poured.

Gradalls are very versatile to have on a job because they can do so many different things, said Zignego. Established in 1954 with a single pickup truck, Zignego has grown continuously through its reputation for hard work and positive relationships with customers ranging from government bodies to private businesses. The company currently is located in Pewaukee, Wisconsin.

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