Beechview, Pennsylvania



For busy paving company, XL 4300 III pays off on many jobs

Many different jobs can require many different machines, which can quickly add major costs in both labor and equipment for contractors and governments working on a single project. But Lindy Paving of New Castle, Pennsylvania, points out that using equipment with an extra measure of versatility can positively impact productivity and dramatically reduce costs.


Lindy Paving was challenged to handle a variety of tasks on an extensive repair job along Crane Ave. in Beechview, a Pittsburgh suburb, including milling, cutting and removing damaged sections of pavement, followed by grading and asphalt repair work.

Tim Lang, equipment manager for Lindy, said the main road repair work was completed using a Gradall XL 4300 III excavator. The Gradall also was used for shoulder repair that included grading, leveling, spreading stone and paving several washed out sections. "We can use a Gradall to spread stone, spread asphalt, spread topsoil, grade curbs - they're a very versatile machine," said Lang.

The work also included removing traffic barriers at bridge piers, cleaning behind them and then re-setting them in the right position. That process also included the XL 4300 III, using a bucket for cleanout and a scissor attachment to remove and replace the barriers.

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