Baldwin, Louisiana



XL 5200 III with Telestick has the reach to quickly repair soil bank breech.

Maintaining some 45 miles of canals and levees is critical for St. Mary Parish in southern Louisiana - an area abundant with natural resources and an economy dependant on oil, gas, marine transportation and commercial fishing industries. The parish relies on its canal system to control the threat of flooding along some 6,000 miles of navigable waterways connecting to the Gulf of Mexico. When there's a problem, like a breech in a spoil bank near the city of Baldwin, officials must be able to react quickly to make repairs.


The Baldwin breech was a result of the ideal habitat for wildlife - in this case, the crawfish and snakes that bore small holes in a spoil bank. Heavy rainfall washed into the holes and created the breech, which had to be repaired quickly to protect a nearby highway and development.

St. Mary Parish Drainage District 1 routinely used its XL 5200 III excavator with a Telestick™ boom extension to reach out and down to the bottom of the bayou, removing solid clay and then spreading it to repair the breech. "We needed the 50-foot reach to get out far enough and down deep enough to scoop up the clay," said Robby Robison, maintenance superintendent for the district. "If we didn't have the Gradall and the Telestick, we'd have to bring in solid clay in trucks, which would cost more and take longer." Making repairs with other available material, like soil, won't hold up long, Robison explained. He added that his crews find plenty of work year-round for the XL 5200 III. The extensive network of waterways requires constant maintenance, clearing vegetation and obstructions as well as securing spoil banks to make sure the system can control normal water flow and the threat of flooding. The Telestick boom extension can be quickly attached or removed from the XL 5200 III, depending on the reach requirement of the job.

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