Kansas City, Missouri



Gradall excavator with Telestick is the only solution for big-reach drainage cleanout

A Gradall® excavator equipped with a Telestick™ boom extension attachment proved to be the only solution to a drainage ditch maintenance problem that plagues Kansas City, Missouri. Even a small amount of rainfall creates problems in the drainage channel running though a major industrial park near Interstate 435, Front Street and Universal Avenue. Rapidly growing grasses and cattails coupled with silt buildup inhibit the flow of rainwater in the channel, necessitating frequent clean-out operations. Performing the job with conventional machines proved undesirable and practically impossible. The drainage channel's width is beyond the reach of a tractor loader backhoe, while a conventional excavator with a crawler undercarriage would damage pavement and landscaping along the channel. Using precious tax dollars to purchase a long-reach conventional excavator for the specialized job - and letting it sit idle between jobs - also was not an option. The obvious solution was the Telestick for the Gradall Model XL 4100. Not only does the attachment extend boom reach to over 45 feet, it also can be removed in about two hours, making the XL 4100 available for traditional excavating and grading.


Equipped with a Telestick boom extension, the Gradall Model XL 4100 reaches out 45 feet for maintenance from either side of the channel, without leaving the roadway. Boom-tilt action speeds up the maintenance work on the sloping sides of the channel because it ideally positions a bucket or other boom-end attachment for maximum productivity. Maintenance work also takes less time because, as the XL 4100 works the length of the drainage ditch, the undercarriage can be repositioned from the upper cab. A short rear counterweight swing keeps drive-by traffic moving while the work is being done. The Model XL 4100 can also be driven at highway speeds from one jobsite to another, eliminating the need for a lowboy trailer. When the job is completed, the Telestick attachment and telescoping boom fit neatly into an overhead rack above the chassis, and the excavator is driven to the next work location or back to the safety of an equipment storage yard.

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