Central Arizona



Armed with Telestick Boom Extension, XL 5100 III joins effort to maintain critical water source.

The Central Arizona Project is a 336-mile long system of aqueducts, tunnels, pumping plants and pipelines that carry Colorado River water from Lake Havasu to Phoenix, Tucson and other areas of central Arizona. Completed in 1993 by the U.S.Bureau of Reclamation, the $4-billion project requires constant maintenance with productive, reliable equipment to assure that a sufficient supply of water will flow into a region that would otherwise face a severe shortage or return to costly groundwater pumping.


n 1993, a new Gradall® XL 5100 wheeled excavator with a Telestick™ boom extension was acquired by the Central Arizona Water Conservation District to help maintain CAP canals that are both very wide and very deep. In addition to its boom reach of over 50 feet, the XL 5100 presented another advantage: it could be driven at highway speeds, so there was no need for a trailer and work could be accomplished quickly at different locations. The success of the original XL 5100 excavator, doing the work of many machines and its excellent mobility advantages, prompted the district to purchase a new XL 5100 III in 2008. Also equipped with a Telestick, the XL 5100 III effectively doubled the maintenance productivity and efficiency that's a constant necessity throughout the massive district. Typical jobs include sloping as well as sediment and moss removal using a de-moss rake and various buckets. During repair work on the sides of the canals, a vibratory plate attachment on the Gradall boom is used to tamp the sub base for new concrete. Although Telestick attachments can be installed or removed in a short period of time, the boom extensions on the CAP excavators will never be taken off because of the constant long-reach need.

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