Helsinki, Finland



XL 3300 and XL 4300 models handle the work of many machines on challenging port project

An ambitious project to create the most modern port on the Baltic Sea at Vuosaari Harbor in Helsinki, Finland, created a need for a wide range of machines. The Port of Helsinki, in cooperation with agencies involved with railways, roads and maritime traffic, designed the new shipping and commerce complex with great sensitivity to environmental issues including precise grading, plantings and other features to accommodate groundwater drainage, bird life, plant life and soil erosion. At the same time, the port needed to be completed quickly to alleviate congestion in the downtown Helsinki harbor caused by huge growth in cargo movement and cruise ship traffic en route to popular ports including St. Petersburg, Russia.


To complete a range of jobs on the Vuosaari Harbor project, Helsinki government agencies selected Gradall® XL 3300 and XL 4300 excavators for their excellent mobility, all-direction stability and their ability to precisely perform work that typically required many different machines. The telescoping tilting Gradall booms were able to achieve grades specified for proper groundwater drainage, and then carefully spread dirt for vegetation planting on the slopes. In some areas, the Gradall excavators also were used to spread crushed stone to prevent erosion. At the bottom of many slopes, the XL 3300 and XL 4300 excavators also created V-shaped drainage ditches to protect railway tracks from water and mud, and to divert water away from the newly constructed roads that carry 3,600 trucks a day. In all, the size of the job was intimidating. Machines spread 16 million cubic yards of fill, excavated from tunnels for the roads and railway lines, to prepare the 370-acre site. In addition to the road and railway drainage work, proper slopes also were created along the 19-mile fairway used for ship passage into the harbor. For more information, visit the Gradall web site at Or call Gradall at 330-339-2211

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