Irving, Texas



City benefits from versatility of XL 4100 III with attachments including Series III grapple

Irving, Texas, which sits in the middle of the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex, strives to protect its business-friendly reputation with Fortune 500 companies and to properly serve its 200,000-plus residents. Part of that commitment includes building and maintaining roadways and removing traffic obstructions, like over-grown trees. These are ideal tasks for Gradall® excavators.


Removing overgrown trees along roadsides and intruding into culverts is a job that can require many men with hand tools or smaller, specialized machines. Or one man and one Gradall excavator. Using the telescoping, tilting movements of a Gradall model XL 4100 III excavator, equipped with a Series III fixed thumb grapple, overgrown trees were quickly removed along a stretch of busy highway and quickly loaded into a truck. The new, shorter rear swing of the Gradall model allows more performance in tighter areas. While some trees had over-grown into culverts or had nearly enveloped utility poles, the XL 4100 III operator was able to monitor movements of the entire boom and precisely rotate the grapple into position to remove the stray vegetation without damaging anything else. The fixed thumb grapple - also used by the city for storm debris cleanup and demolition work is designed to fit any Series III Gradall excavator. So are the city's Series III buckets, which enable the versatile model XL 4100 III to handle city street repairs including pulling up concrete.

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