Austin County, Texas



City and a county find mower attachments expand versatility of their Gradall excavators

A city and a county find mower attachments expand the versatility of their Gradall excavators. Precinct 3 in Austin County, Texas, and the city of Sealy in the same county have both found mowers to be an ideal way to extend their return on investments in Gradall excavator models. Plus, the Gradall tilting, telescoping boom is excellent for positioning mowers for vegetation maintenance in hard-to-reach spots.


Commissioner Randy Reichardt, from Austin County's Precinct 3, says a mower attachment on a model XL 3300 II excavator has proven to be the ideal tool to trim trees at roadsides, clear underbrush and mow high grass along highways. "We couldn't do it this efficiently with a tractor loader, which has a much lighter boom, and it allows us more usage of one piece of equipment the Gradall which is something we need on a tight budget," said Reichardt. The precinct also has a bucket and fixed thumb grapple for road repairs, clearing drainage ditches and storm damage cleanup. The precinct is some 15 square miles in size, so driving the XL 3300 to job sites with a rough terrain wheeled undercarriage is a routine practice. The undercarriage is highly stable, allowing work in any direction. For the City of Sealy, which owns a highway speed XL 3100 II, the advantages are reaffirmed by Larry Mayberry, Director of Public Works. "It's great for over-hanging trees and brush on the ground," he said. "Plus, we have attachments like a grapple for debris removal and demolition, and a bucket to set culverts and for general grading, digging and maintenance work." Operator Perry Strauss, who repositions the Gradall along the roadside from the upper cab, mentions another advantage. "I can change the joystick configuration to the Deere pattern, which is the one I'm used to," said Strauss. For Series III machines, the change is accomplished with a switch in the operator cab, while on previous models, the change is made by quickly switching hydraulic hoses.

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