Sarasota, Florida



Difficult rock fracturing project handled by Gradall XL 3200 with hydraulic hammer

Many folks think of Florida as the land of sand. But as the state's site work contractors will tell you, Florida can also be the land of some extremely tough rock. And when that rock is encountered during the course of site work, the contractor had better be up to the challenge. That's the situation that was faced by McLeod Services, a site work contractor based in Sarasota, FL. McLeod called on the capabilities of a Gradall® Model XL 3200 for tough demolition work at the Sarasota Bay Club. McLeod was involved in excavating at various depths in preparation for the foundation of a new structure at the site, then back filling and compaction of suitable all material to the bottom elevation of the pile caps. The material to be excavated, according to John Azar, McLeod's land services division general manager, was a combination of "standard Florida soils and a 5-foot-thick layer of good solid rock."


Shooting the rock was not an option because of the project's close proximity to other buildings. But the Gradall XL 3200, with its unique boom movements, was able to work quickly and efficiently in the tight space using the Allied hammer and a 5-inch diameter tool. Working in one 45-square-foot area at a time, the rock layer was fractured into a two-foot pattern. Once the first chunks were removed, the hammer and chisel were tilted by the Gradall boom, working along the edge of the rock and fracturing it with relative ease while allowing for quick removal. "We only moved about 2,500 cubic yards of material, but the time and effort involved were bigger than what you see on most projects around here," said Azar. "We were rushed, to say the least, and because the area was environmentally sensitive, the work had to be done right the first time. After the October 1 deadline, there would be no opportunity to come back in and fix things."

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