Chicago, Illinois



Precise boom movements maximize Minnich Dowel Drill performance

K-5 Construction, which handles a lot of concrete patch work in the Chicago area, makes excellent use of a Minnich Dowel Drill to create holes for rebar in undisturbed sections of roadway. Effectively maneuvering the Minnich Drill into proper positions is an important factor as K-5 strives to repair sections of busy highways as quickly and efficiently as possible


Gradall's telescoping, tilting boom is the perfect solution to efficiently position the Minnich Drill, especially at a series of locations and positions on a lengthy highway repair project. After cutting sections of concrete to be replaced, and removing them using another Gradall® excavator with a pavement removal bucket, K-5 crews position their Minnich Drill using a new Gradall XL 4100 II excavator. The Minnich Drill is attached to the end of the boom, much like other attachments. The Gradall's smooth telescoping, tilting boom action allows the operator to position the drill into the exact position needed to create holes at the desired location in the undisturbed slab - typically specified from three to seven-and-a-half inches from the pavement surface and up to 18 inches deep.After drilling one set of rebar holes, the Gradall carrier can be driven to the next drilling location from the operator cab to repeat the process. Beyond the machine's excellent mobility, the Gradall boom motion is ideal for the application because of its ability to precisely position the drill and because the boom movement is much smoother than a conventional knuckle boom. Also, because the XL 4100 II has a rubber tire undercarriage, it won't damage pavement sections that are not being removed like a crawler undercarriage would. At the beginning and end of the workday, the XL 4100 II can be driven to and from the job site, and then stored nightly in the safety of the equipment yard.

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