Brazoria County, Texas



Tree limb shear makes short work of overhanging tree problemq

Controlling vegetation is an ongoing concern for the Brazoria County, Texas, Road & Bridge Department.While much of the work involves clearing drainage ditches, keeping tree limbs from obstructing roadways is another constant concern.


The Gradall® tree limb shear attachment provides an excellent solution to the constant need to trim trees along roads, according to Terry Novak, superintendent of the Brazoria County Road & Bridge Department. "It's a matter of safety and productivity," said Novak." The other option is to put a man and a saw in an aerial platform to trim trees, and then put crews down below to cut it,stack it and get it into a truck. "One XL 4100 II excavator, one operator and a tree limb shear attachment handle it all. The shear can be quickly attached to the end of the excavator's boom, and the driver is able to drive the machine to locations without the need for a lowboy trailer. The operator, using joystick controls built into the seating module's armrests, is able to properly position the shear using the excavator's 220 degree boom tilt. The shear's jaws, powered by the excavator's tool cylinder,typically are able to cut tree limbs up to 10 to12inches in diameter. Next, the attachment can be used to cut up and stack the limbs and then load the material into a truck - all without the need for extra equipment and manpower.Because the carrier can be repositioned from the upper cab, the operator can easily trim many trees along a single roadway. "We also use the shear to cut up tree limbs that fall during storms," said Novak." Sometimes, we use another Gradall with a grapple to clean river bottoms, and then cut up trees with the shear so we can haul them away ."Tree limb shears are available for most Gradall excavators.

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