Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana



Telestick attachment puts big projects within reach of XL 4100 II work

Maintaining drainage ditches and canals is a huge, never-ending job for the efficiently clear, maintain and replace drainage ditches and piping, crews need versatile equipment for extra reach, far beyond the capabilities of a tractor loader backhoe.


Calcasieu Parish uses a Gradall® XL 4100 II excavator with a Telestick™ boom extension and 60-inch ditching bucket for big-reach jobs, like the repair of this large drainage line that's needed to prevent flooding in a large residential area. "The Gradall and its Telestick helped us excavate the damaged line and then create a proper grade on both sides of the canal for a considerable distance in both directions," said Patrick Ardoin, fleet manager for the parish.With the Telestick attachment, the XL 4100 II has a ground-level reach of 45 feet, 4 inches, extending the excavator's reach by more than 15 feet. With the carrier working on just one side of the canal, the extra boom reach allows the excavator to remove soil and debris from the far side of the canal, and then dig straight down on the near side. The operator also is able to use the Gradall boom's tilting action for proper bucket positioning, removing broken pipe, rocks and dirt from many angles without repositioning the machine. When it is necessary to reposition the XL 4100 II, either on pavement or on terrain up and down the canal, the operator can maneuver the carrier from the upper cab using convenient foot pedals. After the excavation and grading were completed on this large canal, the crew lowered a railroad tank car cylinder into the ditch, creating a durable stormwater conduit that's covered with aggregate, fill and a new asphalt road surface. Moving to the next job, or back to the equipment yard, the Telestick attachment fits compactly into a rack on top of the carrier. Telestick attachments are available for most Gradall models.

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