Perrysburg, Ohio



For demanding mine scaling work, nothing performs like the rugged XL 5110

Deep underground inside the East Fairfield Coal Co. Limestone Division mine in Perrysburg, Ohio, there's a critical need to clear away loose material on many faces as quickly and efficiently as possible to prepare for daily blasting. Beyond exceptional scaling efficiency, the mine also needs equipment that's rugged and reliable enough to withstand the vibrations and boom shocks of this demanding work.


The Gradall® Model XL 5110 mine scaler is proven to be the fastest, most productive tool to scale faces, ribs and ceilings in deep mines. Compared with other scaling machine options, the Gradall XL 5110 is faster and stronger with a job-tested triangular boom design including a true 3.5-inch pipe with a one inch wall - far superior to a box boom with machined pipes resulting in a thinner wall. "The Gradall's entire boom tilts to apply full pressure with a scaling hook to pry away loose material," said David Conrad, production manager for East Fairfield.The telescoping boom also creates a profile that's low enough to work beneath the East Fairfield mine's 18-foot ceilings. Set up in the center of a 40-foot wall, the XL 5110 can scale 360 degrees without relocating. Operators can scale 10 or more faces each day, preparing them for layout, drilling and overnight blasting. Repositioning from one face to the next is handled with foot pedals and a steering wheel while joysticks control all boom functions. Booms have double boom rollers to help create smooth telescoping action in spite of the big boom shocks, while the tilt motor is located safely at the rear of the boom structure. For additional strength, the XL 5110 has a welded box frame steel beam undercarriage. Steering and drive axles are fitted with axle oscillation assemblies, creating a stable platform to work in any direction without the need for stabilizers. I've been in this business a long time, and I can confidently say that Gradall makes the very best machine for scaling work," said Conrad.

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