Houston, Texas



To manage drainage bayous and highway maintenance, DOT calls on Gradall versatility

Texas DOT crews typically are busy repairing and maintaining highways and vegetation along roadways, but also must accommodate the needs of extensive storm water drainage systems. The Houston area, for example, has a large network of bayous that collect and distribute rain water from the sudden storms that sweep in from the Gulf of Mexico. To handle that work, crews must have equipment that is mobile on rough terrain or in wet marshes, and have the ability to work just about anywhere, including under highway bridges.


The boom strength, mobility and versatility of the Gradall® Model XL 3200 excavator owned by Texas DOT allows it to work about anywhere. Sometimes, it is equipped with a Telestick boom extension for extra reach, enabling it to clean out bayous and restore water flow quickly when needed. Soil buildup and vegetation can be removed from both banks and even under bridges. In order to speed up the bayou opening process, material occasionally is stored under nearby bridges where it can dry out and be more easily removed later. Once again, the ability of the Gradall boom to work where there is very little headroom separates it from conventional excavators. The Model XL 3200 features Gradall's high pressure hydraulics, another unique advantage designed to conserve fuel while delivering the extra power needed to handle conventional excavator-type high productivity work.

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