Elm Grove, Wisconsin



Wisconsin village repairs broken sewer lines with XL 4300 II excavator

The Village of Elm Grove, Wisconsin, requires versatile equipment that can quickly and efficiently perform a variety of jobs. For that reason, village officials have purchased many Gradall® excavators over the years, including a new Model XL 4300-II.


In the past, Elm Grove has owned highway speed Gradall models because they can travel very quickly to different job sites, and their rubber tire undercarriages won't damage paved surfaces like conventional excavator tracks. While much of the village's work involves maintaining drainage ditches, the exceptional power and stability of the Model XL 4300-II excavator is equally useful in repairing a damaged storm sewer pipe. After crews saw-cut the road surface, the Model XL 4300-II excavates the asphalt pavement and soil, moving carefully around the pipe sections without creating further damage. "It's stable without having to use the outriggers," said Jerry Nowak, the operator. That designed-in stability advantage also speeds up the repair process because other machines would have to pause and lower outriggers each time the carrier is moved. Once the new pipe is installed, the Model XL 4300-II excavator refills the ditch and spreads new asphalt. The short rear swing allows the machine to work in confined spaces, meaning the road does not need to be closed so the Model XL 4300-II excavator can work.

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