Norridge, Illinois



Muscular XL 4100 II pulls curbs and sidewalks with high efficiency

Replacing aging sections of sidewalk and curbing is a constant need in Norridge, Illinois. Unlike some communities, there are no grassy strips between sidewalks and curbs in Norridge. To efficiently remove damaged sidewalk and curb sections, crews require strong equipment that can excavate large slabs. Efficiency also can be increased if equipment is capable of pulling sections that curve around corners and drains, and without damaging turf or pavement that abuts the work area.


A. Lamp Road Builders works nearly year-round, removing and replacing concrete sections, including the sidewalk and curbing in Norridge. Rocky Lagioia, operator of a Gradall® Model XL 4100-II excavator for A. Lamp, uses a 24-inch pavement removal bucket to pull up sections of sidewalk and curb. "With the Gradall, I can work quickly, usually pulling up about 2,500 feet in a day" he said. "I need at least four trucks to keep up with me." After curbs and sidewalks are removed, the Model XL 4100-II excavator is used to spread dirt and aggregate, preparing sections for new concrete. "The way the boom moves makes the job easier," said Rocky, adding that the boom tilt allows him to carefully pull out concrete without excessive damage to residents' adjoining properties or road surfaces that do not require repair.

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