Newport, Rhode Island



Finishing work is completed without damaging paved streets, thanks to wheeled XL 4300 II

To expedite completion of a multi-unit housing project near Newport, R.I., asphalt roads were installed long before the site work was completed. Fleet Construction Co., Inc., of Greenville, R.I., was challenged to move quickly around the site, spreading soil around the many patios, walkways and side walks to create a finished surface. The task would have been virtually impossible with a conventional excavator, with tracks that would either damage the asphalt or require the constant repositioning of protective crawler pads.


Backfilling soil in hard-to-reach locations is an ideal application for Gradall® excavators' tilting, telescoping booms. Using a variety of buckets, the Gradall boom is a natural to off--load soil and spread it carefully around curving walkways, behind curbs and next to patios. Plus, only the telescoping boom motion can spread soil under balconies and overhangs. The extra advantage comes from wheeled mobility of the Model XL 4300-II excavators used by Fleet Construction. With rubber tire undercarriages, these muscular excavators move between the truck and the finishing site without damaging the paved surfaces. If necessary, they also can travel easily through mud and over dirt and stone. With unique stability, operators can work off the front, back or either side of the machines, typically without the need to pause and lower the outriggers or the front blade into place.

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