Cumberland, Rhode Island



XL 4300 II is ideal for managing highway barriers

J. H. Lynch Construction, Inc., of Cumberland, R.I., operates a variety of related businesses throughout three states involving asphalt, aggregates and ready-mix concrete products; site preparation, paving and utility installation and repair; and bridge work. To secure its own job sites, and for rental to other contractors, J. H. Lynch has a collection of over 2,000 highway barriers. Meeting its own needs and those of other contractors and governments, the company is prepared to move barriers quickly to various sites, place them in precise positions as fast as possible and then, when the work is completed, the barriers must be quickly removed and re-stacked in a storage lot.


Versatile Gradall® excavators are used throughout the J. H. Lynch operations, including handling and managing the barriers in the storage yard on property near the Cumberland, R.I., headquarters. Using a Model XL 4300-II excavator equipped with a Kenco scissors attachment designed specifically to pick up and place barriers, Lynch employees can quickly load or unload flat bed trucks in the yard. The barriers, each weighing about 5,000 pounds, are stacked using partial or even full boom extension, utilizing the Model XL 4300-II boom capacity to lift loads of 13,000 pounds. The telescoping action of the boom is smooth and highly beneficial for this process compared to a knuckle boom that must make five or six separate movements to pick and place barriers. On jobsites throughout the region, Gradall Model XL 4300-II models can efficiently carry barriers on highway surfaces without creating damage, and then quickly and precisely place barriers so that time-sensitive work can begin. Workers say the smooth boom action allows them to place barriers at a rate of better than one per minute - a speed that's impossible to achieve with conventional knuckle booms that have a greater tendency to swing barriers.

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