Boston, Massachusetts



XL 4300 II excavator quickly removes asphalt for massive restoration project

As Boston's historic waterfront area undergoes a massive restoration in conjunction with the Central Artery Tunnel Project, there's a need to remove large areas of asphalt that were installed many years ago. Accomplishing the task requires the ability to work in close quarters, with as little traffic flow obstruction as possible. Also, asphalt must be precisely demolished without damaging adjoining curbs, buildings and a variety of stationary obstacles.


Modern Continental of Cambridge, Massachusetts, used a Model XL 4300-II excavator for this delicate project. Working in extremely close quarters, workers installed an excavating bucket in reverse position to break up and lift large sections of asphalt, and then transport them into a truck for removal. Outriggers weren't necessary for stability to break up and lift large sections of asphalt, even while working off both sides of the machine. The telescoping boom requires only minimal overhead room, allowing the Model XL 4300-II to remove asphalt beneath various obstacles. The boom's ability to tilt also allows it to extract asphalt in hard-to-reach areas and follow the design of the curbing. Performing with the boom speed and power of a conventional excavator, the Gradall Model XL 4300-II benefits from superior wheeled mobility that allows the machine to move quickly over pavement that's not scheduled for demolition. With a short rear swing, the Model XL 4300-II works within the tight confines of barriers with less disruption of Boston's high volume traffic flow.

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