Boston, Massachusetts



Many tasks required to create sheathing box are handled by versatile XL 4300 II

As part of the Central Artery Tunnel Project in Boston, much of the above ground once occupied by elevated highways is being renovated, creating attractive grassy areas. Accomplishing this requires extensive demolition and frequent movement or replacement of old underground utility lines. As part of this process, Modern Continental of Cambridge, Mass., frequently builds sheathing boxes below ground level to create a secure working environment for utility workers and to guard against dangerous land slips. As with most processes in this complicated and extensive Boston renovation project, contractors look for versatile equipment that can handle a multitude of critical tasks.


The Modern Continental equipment fleet includes several Gradall® excavators, including Model XL 4300-II machines with plenty of boom power, mobility and stability. To create the sheathing boxes - secure areas where workers can access vital utility corridors - a Model XL 4300-II Gradall excavator uses an excavating bucket to demolish and remove the asphalt surface and then excavate a deep cavity. Working almost straight down, sometimes in low-overhead conditions, the Gradall operator is able to monitor the full length of the working boom and tilt the attachment to carefully remove soil from around existing utility lines and remnants of foundations. Next, the Model XL 4300-II excavator is used to off-load lumber and stack it close to the hole before driving in the wood planks, one at a time, to create protective walls around the hole. The Model XL 4300-II benefits from excellent designed-in weight distribution, allowing operators to efficiently pick up the planks, transport and stack them, and then drive them into the ground - a procedure that requires productive work off all sides of the machine and full stability without outriggers. Once the utility line work is completed, the Model XL 4300-II is capable of removing the sheathing box planks, refilling the hole and creating a final grade for a new asphalt surface.

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