Manassas, Virginia



Multiple demands of housing development construction keep XL 4100 II busy

A growing demand for homes in the suburban Washington, D.C., area has created a need for contractors who not only excavate for foundations but also cut in roads, create drainage and utility ditches and rebuild shoulders as they may erode during seasonal changes. Angler Construction is one of the leading contractors in the area, handling this range of construction site and development tasks as well as creating environmental waterways and ponds. With considerable experience, Angler requires the right equipment to get each job done correctly. The ability to use fewer machines to do more different jobs is a definite plus.


Gradall Model XL 4100-II excavators use a range of attachments and the ability to move quickly throughout the housing development to accomplish a range of tasks. Using the telescoping, tilting boom - and working under trees or obstructions when necessary - operator Dwayne Shupe carefully rebuilt a shoulder alongside a roadway in the housing development. Following the precise contour of the terrain and roadway, the Model XL 4100-II is used to excavate, create the correct grade, and then spread gravel and stone. "I've operated Gradall excavators for over 13 years and this is the best yet," said Shupe. He prefers the Gradall joystick pattern, although he appreciates the option of switching to either Deere or SAE in just a few minutes. Load sensing, high pressure hydraulics do not require him to change modes when he switches from excavating to spreading gravel. Working within a close area, the XL 4100-II is repositioned using foot pedals in the operator cab. Moving to the truck cab, the entire machine can be driven throughout the development or back to the equipment yard.

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