Manassas, Virginia



State highway department rebuilds slopes quickly with XL 4100 II

Cleaning up the damage from wintry weather is an annual challenge for the Virginia Department of Transportation. Crews must be able to get to many sites as quickly as possible and accomplish a range of tasks. One of those tasks was restoring banks that had slipped close to Davis Ford Rd., a four-lane highway. Crews had to quickly remove dirt, re-create and re-grade drainage ditches for grass and then spread rip-rap to help prevent further slips. Working the length of the ditch, efficient mobility from one end of the job to the other was a definite advantage. Avoiding any traffic obstruction with compact equipment was another requirement.


Gradall mobility and versatility is a legendary ally for federal, state, county and even citygovernments. Delivering exceptional value on tight taxpayer budgets, Gradall's highway speed models do not require costly lowboy trailers and they can move quickly from one job site to another in just one day. Another advantage, of course, is their ability to perform the work of many different machines. The Virginia Department of Transportation used one of its specially painted Model XL 4100-II excavators to recreate a new drainage ditch and slope and then spread rip-rap to stabilize the grade that had given way to spring moisture in the ground. Quickly and efficiently, the operator used the Gradall boom and grading bucket to achieve the specified grade and, without the need to change modes, spread large loads of rip-rap evenly over the slope. Working the length of the ditch, without leaving the upper cab, the operator was able to reposition the Model XL 4100-II, followed by a series of trucks loaded with rip-rap.

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