Rockville, Maryland



XL 4300 II tackles pavement demolition with higher boom forces and faster cycle times

As the volume of traffic continues to grow in suburban Washington, D.C., cities scramble to find quick solutions. One such project in Rockville, Md., was handled by C. W. Strittmatter, Inc. To create extra lanes of traffic and make turns easier, some concrete intersection medians were removed altogether. Other medians were reduced in size and beautified by replacing huge slabs of concrete with new curbs, grassy areas and walkways. Accomplishing the job quickly with minimal interruption of the traffic flow was critical. Also, Strittmatter's crew needed highly productive equipment that could maneuver over the highway without surface damage typically created by conventional excavator tracks.


The Gradall Model XL 4300-II excavator has the boom muscle and speed to break up concrete and load it into trucks - tasks once thought to be the exclusive domain of a conventional excavator. The high pressure, load sensing hydraulics do not require mode selection to operate efficiently - whether breaking up the concrete or spreading fill to create the grassy areas. Using either an excavating bucket or a pavement removal bucket, the Model XL 4300-II can efficiently remove the slabs and old curb strips, even behind curving sections of boom strips. Either with our without the use of outriggers or an optional blade, the Model XL 4300-II remains stable within a compact footprint. With a short tail swing, there is only minor traffic flow interruption. Highways and curbs surrounding the median strips are protected from excavator track damage because the Model XL 4300-II uses a rubber tire undercarriage that moves efficiently both on and off paved surfaces.

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