Westminster, Maryland



Precision demolition job is ideal challenge for XL 3300

Renovation of an abandoned K-Mart building in the Engler Shopping Center at Westminster, Maryland, required unusually precise demolition techniques by Interior Specialists, Inc. "This was a remedial job, not a total demolition project," said Gary Nicholson, foreman for the White Marsh, Maryland, company. To meet the challenge, the company used its Model XL 3300 Gradall excavator and a pair of skid steer loaders, aiming to do as little damage as possible to the property during the renovation process. The Gradall machine was equipped with a 2600-psi Allied impact hammer attachment to cut down a forest of 12 X 12 inch steel reinforced concrete columns.


"The Gradall has plenty of power and stability," said Nicholson. "We can maneuver it into just about any space. And once we are in position, we use the boom's wrist action to further assist us in getting the impact hammer to the correct position to bring down the concrete columns and overhead concrete canopy." Nicholson said the Gradall Model XL 3300 excavator is a "highly maneuverable, multi-functional demolition tool." Because the telescoping boom has only minimal overhead working requirements, the machine also is capable of demolition inside the building. In addition to the hammer, Interior Specialists has a grapple and a pavement removal bucket for the machine. "We can change tool configurations in only a matter of minutes," said Nicholson. "That enables us to quickly switch from one application to another." Using the pavement removal bucket, the Model XL 3300 excavator is used to dig out footings and thick 6-inch concrete or asphalt at locations around the building being demolished. "This machine has the power to break the concrete or asphalt with no problem," said Nicholson. "Using the Gradall to lessen the heavy work reduces the possibility of job-related injuries to the men, as well as speeding up our renovation."

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