Cleveland, Ohio



XL 3300 with rail gear handles maintenance both on and off track

The Cleveland, Ohio Regional Transit Authority (RTA) operates a train system that is a vital link between the center of the city and its sprawling chain of suburbs. Some 65 miles of track, on four lines, carry commuters in and out of the city. Plus, the system provides efficient, cost-effective transportation to Cleveland's professional sports stadiums and the city's international airport. Keeping the system running efficiently around the clock, every day, requires constant maintenance. The Gradall® Model XL 3300 with rail gear meets multiple maintenance needs, both on the rails and on rough trackside terrain, efficiently handling the work of many different machines.


A four-wheel-drive undercarriage moves the Model XL 3300 quickly over the slopes and rugged terrain adjoining the rail bed. And then, once the machine is positioned over a rail crossing, the Diversified rail gear system can be quickly lowered onto the tracks using a process made more efficient by the use of individual hydraulic cylinders. RTA's rail maintenance machine is equipped with three attachments. A mower attachment quickly clears vegetation along the rail bed, plus it is being used to reclaim portions of unused track that have become completely overgrown with vegetation over the years. When it's time to repair and replace track sections, the Model XL 3300 is armed with a grapple attachment to move rail ties. Finally, a 36-inch trenching bucket is used to clear away dirt and mud that occasionally slide onto the track. With responsive joystick controls, the operator can precisely tilt the Gradall boom to correctly position attachments for efficient mowing and cleanup work on hillsides next to the tracks. A few of the RTA system's track sections are under ground, but the telescoping boom keeps working efficiently there, too, because it does not require extra headroom. Designed for exceptional stability, the Model XL 3300 is also equipped with four stabilizers that can be individually lowered to create a firm working platform.

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