Fredericksburg, Virginia



Versatility of XL 4100 II pays off in site development

Land development work for multi-family housing in the Fredericksburg, Virginia, area creates plenty of challenges that typically require multiple machines. As quickly and efficiently as possible, Rappahannock Construction Co., Inc., needs to perform everything from mass excavation and undercutting to creating solid steps for bricklayer scaffolding, cleaning up around building, loading trucks with dirt, building asphalt roadways and finishing the grade. A Model XL 4100-II provided Rappahannock's first experience with Gradall's superior versatility and productivity. Putting it to work on a lease/purchase agreement with J.W. Burress, Inc. the general contractor experienced first-hand that just one machine could perform all of those functions.


This machine can do things that can't possibly be done with any other single machine, said Monte Morgan. With eight years' experience operating Gradall excavators, Monte and his son were putting the Model XL 4100-II through its paces on the Rappahannock jobsite. "We need to get in close to the buildings to clear away dirt, and that includes working around pipes and other obstructions," said Monte. "The Gradall boom telescopes out and tilts the bucket just right to get it done without creating any damage. Then we can go over and cut out steps for the bricklayers, excavate for new foundations - just about anything you can think of." Handling big jobs is easier than ever for the Model XL 4100-II. Compared with its predecessor, Model XL 4100-II has 28 percent more bucket breakout force, 15 percent more swing torque and 4 percent more lift capacity. All of that increase in power and productivity comes from Gradall's advanced load-sensing hydraulics and just one engine. "When the Gradall leaves the job, you have a finished product," said Monte. "It can do everything, including cleanup up when the work is done."

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