Manassas, Virginia



Asphalt work handled faster and easier with XL 4100 II

William A. Hazel Inc. crews keep extremely busy year-round building and repairing roads in Manassas and elsewhere in the state of Virginia. In addition, the company is heavily involved in land development work for residential areas and commercial centers. As a result, this general contractor needs versatile machines that can do many different jobs, and do them quickly. That's why two new Model XL 4100-II machines have been added to the William A. Hazel equipment fleet, which already included a number of Gradall excavators at locations in Warrenton and Fairfax, Virginia. The new Model XL 4100-II excavators have significantly greater lift capacity, speed and breakout force, enabling them to perform work that used to require multiple machines.


On a scale of 1 to 10, I'd give it a 10, said Joe Mitchell, who has operated Gradall excavators for more than 28 years. On this day, he was using the new Model XL 4100-II to clear away roadside vegetation, demolish and remove damaged sections of roadway and then spread new asphalt. Other days he uses the machine for mass excavation, ditching and grading on both highway and site development jobs. "This is the fastest, most powerful Gradall yet," said Mitchell, who regularly drives the Model XL 4100-II from the equipment yard to wherever it's working that day. The narrower undercarriage does not require an over-the-road permit, and driving to the site is more comfortable than ever thanks to a new air ride seat in the undercarriage cab. "The upper cab is also a lot more comfortable," said Mitchell. "It's larger and the visibility is great." Because of his many years at the controls of a Gradall excavator, he prefers the standard joystick operating pattern. But for newer operators, the patterns can be quickly changed to Deere or SAE. The single-engine machine now requires less maintenance, but is designed for even bigger and more productive jobs with a highly favorable strength-to-weight ratio

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