Miami, Oklahoma



XL 3300 on railway crossing maintenance does the work of many machines

Maintaining railway crossings quickly and competently is vitally important to the city of Miami, Oklahoma. It's a process that requires several steps, starting with the removal of the old asphalt and base. Railroad ties also are typically removed, and new ties are off-loaded from trucks and placed into position. Finally, there's the delicate job of spreading new asphalt between the tracks, and smoothing the approaches from either side.


The Gradall® Model XL 3300 is equipped with high pressure, load-sensing hydraulics to automatically handle the changes in boom and bucket forces required for demolition, repair and, then, material replacement. Without mode selection, the Gradall XL Series hydraulics adjust for the high productivity removal of the old asphalt and ties. The delicate boom functions, requiring less power and less fuel consumption, complete the placement of the new asphalt between the rails, and smooth the material outside the rails. As a result, the Model XL 3300 saves money on the cost of bringing additional machines to the site, and for labor since there's not much need for hand work in spreading asphalt. Tim Wilson, the city's director of public works, adds that he likes the low working profile of the Model XL 3300 because it can work anywhere, completing it's entire digging motion in spite of overhead obstructions. Operators also appreciate the tilt mechanism which speeds up the process of tearing out old asphalt, said Wilson. Because the joystick operating pattern can be quickly changed, many different operators can be easily assigned to operate the machine. "Operators like the machine so much, they all want to be on it every day," said Wilson.

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