New Braunfels, Texas



XL 4100 eliminates the need for extra equipment on road project

On the surface, it looked like a lot of equipment would be necessary for a street project mapped out by the city of New Braunfels, Texas. The project included creating a new intersection, re-constructing an access road and installing appropriate islands to direct traffic flow. The work would include excavating, grading, shaping, demolition and material removal. Dean Word of New Braunfels, the contractor for the project, praised the valuable versatility of the Gradall® Model XL 4100, which effectively saved the city money.


Before the work even began, the operator was able to show savings by driving the Model XL 4100 out to the proposed intersection - eliminating the need for a lowboy trailer and truck. On the job, the high pressure, load-sensing hydraulics worked in tandem with the unique Gradall boom movements to handle both high productivity digging and fine grading. Automatically, without the need for mode selection, the machine adjusts its hydraulic pressure for the job at hand, thereby conserving fuel. "If some other company had done this work, they would have needed to bring a lot more equipment to the site - a loader and a blade at least," said Ben Ramirez, chief Gradall operator for the company since 1968. "We can do the entire job with our XL 4100."

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