San Antonio, Texas



XL 3100 handles wide range of jobs for highway crew

The versatility of the Model XL 3100 Gradall® excavator is a big asset for Zachry Construction of San Antonio, Texas. Equipped with a highway speed wheeled undercarriage, the machine can be driven to a wide variety of jobs without the need for a truck and lowboy trailer.


By design, the Model XL 3100 can handle a range of jobs that some contractors use a collection of machines to accomplish. Zachry Construction saves money by taking fewer machines to many jobs. One day, the Model XL 3100 might be used to remove rocks and create a finished grade for drainage ditches at culvert headings. But on other days, the company will use the excavator to prep dirt for sidewalks at intersections or cut 90-degree surfaces to install pre-fab walls at overpasses. And on still another site, Zachry will use the machine to cut the correct grade for side streets or spread rip-rap - something the Gradall boom can accomplish more efficiently than other pieces of equipment. "There is no finer tool," said Jarry Pashell, the operator. "In road work, nothing can spread material or shape and cut dirt like a Gradall. I've worked with many track excavators, and the Model XL 3100 is very rugged, very powerful and very fast."

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