Castle Rock, Colorado



XL 3300 has the right size and plenty of power for concrete removal

Thoutt Bros. Concrete Contractors strives to work quickly and to minimize the obstruction of traffic flow on its frequent highway projects. That included a job in Castle Rock, Colorado, where the company needed to remove a section of concrete 12 feet by 10 feet by 12 inches.


The job began by cutting out the section and then breaking it up with a hydraulic hammer. Then the Model XL 3300 Gradall® excavator went to work with a pavement removal bucket. "This machine takes all the heavy work and physical hand labor out of the project," said Marciano Bueno, the job superintendent. The Model XL 3300 is equipped with Gradall's legendary telescoping, full tilting boom, allowing the operator to manipulate the pavement removal bucket and pick out pieces of concrete. By tilting the pavement removal bucket, large pieces are broken into more manageable sizes, which are then loaded into dump trucks. "The telescoping tilting boom style is the best. Period," said the superintendent. "And we find the XL 3300 is the best machine for this type of application."

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