Corpus Christi, Texas



New headwall for roadway project requires precision boom work with XL 4100

Raising a roadway between the mainland and Padre Island, Texas, was a multi-faceted project, especially the need to raise parts of a levee and construct a brand new bridge and pier with flow-through sections. Zachry Construction of San Antonio, Texas, found a Model XL 4100 Gradall® excavator to be ideal for an important phase of the work involving building new 90-degree retaining walls at the bridge headings. It was a delicate job, requiring a material cleanout at the old bridge headings. Then, new material was placed around the headings and compacted before a crane was used to install new pre-cast sections to form up a wall.


The unique tilting boom movements of the Model XL 4100 enabled Zachry Construction to remove the old material and then place the new material, all with excellent precision and speed. The new grade was established by backfilling the material against the retaining walls on bridge headings, adhering to tight 6-inch tolerance requirements and working within the 6-foot areas between the piers. That's a job that could not be performed by a trackhoe, according to Enrique Perez, the operator. "The XL 4100 made the precise boom movements we needed," he said. "It is very stable, very powerful and it has excellent cycle times."

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