Boulder, Colorado



Model XL 3300 works efficiently to break up old concrete sidewalksXL 3300 works efficiently to break up old concrete sidewalks

Like most of the residential communities surrounding Denver, Colorado, the city of Boulder experiences a lot of pedestrian traffic, creating a demand for high quality sidewalks and bike paths. Concrete Works of Lafayette, Colorado, is under contract with the city of Boulder to remove and replace old, cracked concrete sidewalks with new concrete that includes better curbing and ramps for wheelchairs. Obviously, Concrete Works strives to finish each project as efficiently as possible, which is why Model XL 3300 Gradall® excavators are such important tools to the company.


Equipped with a pavement removal bucket, the Model XL 3300 is able to remove broken pieces of concrete very efficiently. The unique tilting boom movements allow the attachment to pick out pieces of various sizes from various angles and load them onto a truck. The boom movement, combined with the machine's excellent cycle times, makes the Model XL 3300 ideal for this kind of work. Superintendent Jeff Darnell and operator/superintendent Gary Coffey said they like the Gradall's 360-degree boom swing much better than a loader backhoe with just 90 degrees. The cycle times are also faster, and the Model XL 3300 is quicker to set up for the next dig. Further, they like the fact that the Model XL 3300 has a single workstation, where a loader backhoe has two.

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