Columbia, Maryland



Full-tilting boom creates unique water run-off system

A Gradall® excavator was utilized to create a water retention pond system to handle storm run-off from a shopping plaza and parking lot in Columbia, Maryland. At the end of a storm water pipeline, C. J. Miller, Inc. of Hamstead, Maryland, used a Model XL 3200 to cut numerous tiers into the side slope of the retention area. With the tiered sections in place, an operator used the Gradall to install gabion baskets in the tiers to control the flow of rainwater run-off into a holding pond.


The telescoping, tilting boom on the Model XL 3200 increases work efficiency, allowing the operator to precisely cut out the tiered sections in the elevation and then gradually fill the gabion baskets with rocks.

With the adjustable tilt speed, the operator can control the boom to make cuts and perform other excavations required in the grade. The boom tilting action and the open/close function of the bucket allow the operator to control riprap distribution, gradually spreading it where needed.

The small tail swing of the Model XL 3200 also worked well in this confined area, says Delmar Hale, a C. J. Miller, Inc. job foreman. "When you swing over the tracks, you only have to worry about three feet of tail swing."

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