Fort Lauderdale, Florida



Working in tight quarters, XL 3100 replaces landscape island on busy highway

Without unnecessary interference with traffic flow, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, saw a need to remove a landscape island to create additional traffic lanes in both directions. State Contracting handled the job cost effectively, without the need for individual pieces of equipment for demolition of the island and then preparing the surface for concrete


Able to work productively in tight quarters, the Gradall® Model XL 3100 makes good use of its small footprint and short rear swing to work productively in tight spaces, such as in the middle of this multi-lane highway. XL Series hydraulics enabled the Model XL 3100 to handle the entire job. Automatically adjusting its hydraulic flow to handle the task at hand, the single machine and just one worker, operator Bill Murphy, were able to demolish and remove the landscape island, grade the ditch for forms, clean around the forms and then finish grade for the 11-inch asphalt installation. Not only does the load-sensing hydraulic advantage save fuel, overall machine cost is reduced because the Model XL 3100 uses just one engine for its highway mobility and for the multiple Gradall boom functions.

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